Friday, November 16th, 2018

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Ethiopia jails ex-head of military company over corruption

Ethiopia has detained the former head of a large military-run industrial conglomerate, a day after the country’s attorney general disclosed that several hundred million dollars was ...

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Boeing didn’t disclose control feature eyed in Indonesia crash, U.S. pilots say

Boeing didn't tell airline pilots about features of a new flight-control system in its 737 Max that reportedly is a focus ...

UN lifts sanctions on Eritrea, keeps arms embargo on Somalia

The U.N. Security Council has voted unanimously to lift sanctions against Eritrea following its thaw in relations with Ethiopia and other ...

Graham Calls Saudi Prince ‘Unstable’ and Sees Sanctions Ahead

Senator Lindsey Graham called Saudi Arabia’s Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman “unstable and unreliable” and said he and other senators were ...

Somali Pirate Arrested After Adding Ex-Hostage to Facebook

Stories of bandits arrested after attempting to contact their former victims are by no means uncommon, but for American journalist Michael ...

U.S. senators alarmed if China gets control of Djibouti port

Two prominent U.S. senators expressed alarm on Tuesday about the military and political consequences if China gains control of a port ...

Crown Prince’s wings clipped as Khashoggi death rattles Riyadh

Six weeks after Jamal Khashoggi was murdered by Saudi agents, the decision-making process in Riyadh is slowly starting to change. Fallout ...

Jambojet to fly to Mogadishu and Bujumbura

Kenya Airways Chief Executive Sebastian Mikosz has said local carrier Jambojet will start flying to Somali and Burundi as part of ...

Kenya Airways launches daily flights to Mogadishu

Kenya Airways will expand its footprint to the Horn of Africa with the commencement of daily operations to Mogadishu, Somalia with ...

Exclusive: House Democrat to introduce new bill punishing Saudi Arabia over Khashoggi

It would block a controversial nuclear deal that’s very important to Saudi Arabia. A House Democrat will soon introduce legislation to punish ...

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White House suspends CNN’s Acosta after Trump confrontation

November, 8, 2018
Post-midterm election news conference marks a new low in President Trump's relationship with journalists. The White House suspended the ...

French President Emmanuel Macron Calls for a ‘European Army’ to Defend Against China, Russia and the U.S.

November, 7, 2018
French President Emmanuel Macron is calling for the formation of a “real European army” to protect the continent ...

“Influential Somali regional president resigns, pulls out of election race

November, 7, 2018
Somali government stressed the need for timely presidential elections in the Southwest State amid doubts of holding the ...

Midterm elections: Democrats projected to win control of House, but Senate remains in GOP hands

November, 7, 2018
Democrats were projected to take control of the House late Tuesday and pick up some governorships, but Republicans ...

Report: Saudi investigators worked to remove evidence

November, 5, 2018
Members of a team from Saudi Arabia sent to help Turkish authorities investigate the killing of journalist Jamal ...

Muslims hope to ‘wake up’ at the ballot box this year

November, 5, 2018
On a recent Saturday afternoon in an office in St. Paul, Minn., a flurry of calls went out ...

Report: Israel sold $250m. of sophisticated spy systems to Saudi Arabia

October, 29, 2018
These are the most sophisticated systems Israel has ever sold to any Arab country. Saudi Arabia and Israel held ...

Indonesia plane crash: flight JT610 plunges into waters off Jakarta

October, 29, 2018
Lion Air plane was leaving the Indonesian capital for Pangkal Pinang when communication was lost A passenger plane carrying ...

DHAGEYSO:Golaha Wasiirada Somalia oo Ansixiyey Miisaaniyadda 2019?

October, 29, 2018
Wasiirka maaliyadda Cabdiraxmaan Ducaale Bayle, ayaa sheegay in kulanka golaha oo uu guddoominayay ra’iisul wasaare Xasan Cali Khayre ...

DHAGEYSO:Dowladda Farmaajo oo Shaacisay Dalal ka Codsaday inay Qunsuliyado ka Furtaan Hargeysa?

October, 29, 2018
Wasiirka arrimaha dibadda Soomaaliya oo maanta hortagay xildhibaanada Aqalka Sare ayaa ka hadlay wararka sheegaya in dowladda dalbatay ...

DAAWO:Aas-aaskii kooxda Al-Shabaab Qeybta Afrika,VOASomali+Qeybtii 10AAD

July, 21, 2018

DAAWO:Aas-aaskii kooxda Al-Shabaab Qeybta Afrika,VOASomali+Qeybtii 9AAD

July, 21, 2018

DAAWO:Maxaad Kala Socotaa Sababtii Agaasimaha NISA Uu Shaqada Ugu Joojiyay Ku Xigeenadiisa?

July, 21, 2018

DAAWO:Baaris lagu Sameeyay Lacag Qarsodi ah oo Ay Qaateen Xildhibaanada Dowladda SOMAMLIA?

July, 18, 2018

DAAWO: Aas-aaskii kooxda Al-Shabaab Qeybta Afrika,VOASomali+Qeybtii 8

July, 16, 2018