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Woman finds sister dead inside City Heights apartment

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A woman was found dead under possibly suspicious circumstances in a City Heights apartment Monday.

The fatality in the 4000 block of Van Dyke Avenue was reported shortly before 9 a.m., according to San Diego police.

The sister of the 36-year-old woman went to check on her with the property manager and found her lying on a bed non-responsive. The woman’s husband has not been located and is considered a person of interest, according to police.

The victim, whose most recent contact with her family was on Saturday, had suffered suspicious wounds to her upper body, Lt. Anthony Dupree said.

Several of the victim’s relatives gathered outside her home to express their heartbreak. Loved ones also spoke with News 8 and identified the victim as Muna Kuri.

Said Abiyow says he represents the Somali community in City Heights and says Kuri was well known in the area. He said she had lived in San Diego for several years and had her own business. She ran a daycare near 68th and Mohawk streets in the College East neighborhood.

Parents reportedly tried to drop off their kids at the daycare Monday morning but Kuri wasn’t there.

Homicide detectives were called in to look for any evidence of criminal involvement in the death, Officer Dino Delimitros said.

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