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Somali PM in Kismayu to normalise cooperation with Jubbland State

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Somali Prime Minister Hassan Ali Khayre has today arrived in Kismayu town, 500km south of Mogadishu.

The delegation of the prime minister was welcomed by the leader of Jubbaland state, Ahmed Mohamed Madobe and officials from his administration at the airport.

Prime Kheire will hold talks with Jubbaland leader on restoration of cooperation between the federal government and the regional state in southern Somalia.

According to sources privy to development, PM Kheire is expected to address to concerns of Jubbland state which seized the cooperation with federal government late last year.

Last September, Jubbaland state accused the Mogadishu-based government of interfering in the affairs of the member states.

The state also expressed grievances on insecurity, the sharing of natural resources.

The sources say the two leaders will also address the upcoming Jubbaland presidential elections slated for August this year.

Monday March 11, 2019

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